The Tucker Tigers are a football team and an opponent of the Shiloh Eagles.

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The Tucker Tigers were first seen in the opening scene, as the opponent for the final regular season game for the Shiloh Eagles. The Tigers were ahead by four points, but the Eagles had the ball, with less than a minute to go. Grant Taylor called the final play to Zach Avery as Crossbuck 30. Zach took the snap and pitched it back to Jacob Hall to throw it to Jeremy Johnson, who was streaking down the field to get open for the pass and score, when the Tigers got through, and Grant called to Jacob to throw it, but Jacob hesitated and tried to tuck it away and run it for a first down; however, he was stopped at the forty yard line by Lewis Slaughter, which forced the Eagles to give up the ball to the Tigers who took a knee to run the clock out and end the season.

At the beginning of the new season, Darren, tired of losing, transfers to Tucker after moving in with his dad in that school district. When the playoffs begin, the Eagles play and lose to the Princeton Heights Panthers in the first round, but Princeton Heights gets disqualified for playing two ineligible 19-year-olds and the Eagles advance to the next round against the Tigers. The Eagles beat the Tigers and the announcer says, "The clock's running down, the Tucker Tigers are nursing their wounds as they face the end of their season. The Eagles, however, have a little further to fly."


Lewis Slaughter