Joshua Webster is a student at Shiloh Christian Academy, and the main kicker for the Shiloh Eagles football team.

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Joshua was first mentioned when David first arrived to try out as a kicker when Grant introduces David to placeholder, Jonathan Weston saying he holds for our main kicker, Joshua Webster. When going to practice some kicks, Jonathan tells David, "Well Josh is a pretty good kicker, but he's also a receiver. I think he likes that better than kicking."

He's mentioned again after the disastrous game against Dewey County, when David is helping his Dad paint the door arch. When Larry asks David if he's ready to play football, David responds, "I don't know why they'd use me when they've got Joshua Webster. He can kick a forty-five yard field goal."

He is first shown on camera at the next game when they were going for a field goal he was going to rush out to kick, but Grant stopped him so he can give David a chance.

He is shown again on camera during the state championship game after the Eagles intercepted a Giants' pass and returned it for the touchdown, when he came out to kick the extra point. His final camera shot is after the third quarter begins, the Eagles start with a trick play, and tie up the game with a touchdown. They run to kick an extra point, when Bobby Lee Duke shouts to his players, "MAKE 'EM PAY, BOYS! MAKE 'EM PAY!" They do. Immediately after Joshua kicks the extra point, a Giants player plows him into the ground. Joshua is rolling on the ground in pain, and Coach Duke just looks as though nothing had happened. The announcer said, "Joshua Webster's being helped up off the field from what we're being told up here in the press box is a broken collar bone. That came after a late hit by the Giants after the Eagles tied the game at fourteen a piece." After that, David took over as kicker for Joshua. It's unknown what happened to Joshua after that game , but it's likely that he recovered from the injury and finished his education at Shiloh.

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