Jeremy Johnson is a student at Shiloh Christian Academy, and a wide receiver on the Shiloh Eagles football team.

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Jeremy was mentioned at the beginning of the movie and was the intended target of Grant Taylor's play Crossbuck 30. where Zach Avery takes the snap, pitches back to Jacob Hall and when Jeremy is ready for the pass, Jacob throws it to him. When Jeremy was open for the pass, Jacob hesitated, the Tucker Tigers broke through the defense and Grant shouted, "THROW IT, JACOB!" But Jacob tried to tuck the ball away and run, and was stopped by a Tiger named Lewis Slaughter, which cost the Eagles the game, and Grant Taylor's bid for his first winning season in his six year term as head coach.

Jeremy was shown again when Grant called out Brock Kelley to do the death crawl with Jeremy on his back. When Brock crawled all the way to the end zone, Grant saw a leader emerging in Brock and told him that the team will sink or swim with his attitude. He told Brock that he just carried a 140 pound man across the entire football field on nothing but his arms, which Jeremy corrected him, saying that he weighs 160 pounds.

Jeremy is shown again when the Eagles game against the Tucker Tigers when they try Grant's Crossbuck 30 for the second year in a row, only this time it was a success and the Eagles beat the Tigers.

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